Beni Ourain – A Treasure of Design

by Paris on July 26, 2016

A recent star rising to fame in the world of home décor and interior design is the Beni Ourain rug. This unique snapshot of an entire culture is taking the industry by storm and causing a slew of interest into where these rugs come from, how they’re made, and why they’re a modern necessity. In addition to being a lovely centerpiece in your living or sitting room, this seemingly simple piece of furniture carries a strong backstory that begins in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The Beni Ourain are a Berber people representing close to 17 different tribes. The inhabitants of this area of Morocco are mainly farmers, shepherds, and goat herders who migrate with their herds. They survive the mountains and use their handcrafted rugs for practical rather than decorative purposes. The carpets they create are thick and durable which make them perfect for helping keep warm atop a mountain in winter. The Beni Ourain people use the rugs as bedspreads, blankets, and sometimes clothing.

The true uniqueness of these rugs lies in the hands of the women creating them. These carpets are woven by hand on looms that are portable due to the nomadic lifestyle of these mountain dwelling artisans. The craft is typically perfected by the women of the tribe who pass on the knowledge and experience of rug making directly to their daughters who then carry on the tradition for generations to come. Each rug tells a story of the weaver’s life and contains symbols representing topics such as birth, fertility, good luck, religion, and nature. Many of the tribe’s members even believe the carpets have powers to keep away evil spirits which contributes to the common occurrence of symbols related to good luck and prosperity.

Along with the personal touch of the artisan, these rugs also stand out because of the materials used to craft them. The rugs are knit together with wool sheared directly from the sheep and goats that the Berber people tend to on a daily basis. Next, the sheared wool is spun into yarn which the women then use to craft the carpets. Normally, the Beni Ourain rug has a signature cream or white background with dark brown symbols throughout the design. The only colors used on the rugs are all natural dyes or colored wool from the sheep and goats themselves.

The western world began to take note of these rugs beginning in the 1920s and 1930s in Paris, France. Their use continued into the mid-modernist era and still remained a popular choice even into the 1970s. The simple but resilient design has again caught the eye of designers who consider these pieces to be be a timeless staple. Now presented with a contemporary generation craving simplicity and a sense of neutral warmth at home, designers are again calling upon the ever faithful beauty of the Beni Ourain’s workmanship. These carpets bring a sense of personal touch into a world of technological disconnect ; in a world now moving toward functionality and minimalism, the prints on the carpets crafted by these Moroccan tribal artists reminds us of a simpler time in human history that carries on even today and tugs at our heartstrings.


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The christmas season is actually with us has arrived and whilst most people are occupied planning for vacation meals, events and gift trades, there is certainly nevertheless a lot of time to enjoy your children and consist of all of them in a few of those activities. A good way to the young children in the vacation preparations is to have them make their own holiday crafts to give to family members, friends, teachers and anyone else they can think of. And luckily for you, homemade gifts are often easy, quick, economical, and a great way for you and your child to be creative together.

During the holidays, there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a homemade gift from a preschooler. Along with the fun of creating the project it will also help to teach your child to think of others and do something nice for people for other people. Listed below are two homemade holiday gift ideas that you and your child can easily create together.

Cookie Mix Kit

Items needed- Double sided tape, clear jar with lid to place ingredients in, fine textured fabric squares, scissors, fabric crayons or markers, ribbon, dry ingredients for cookie mix, and recipe

How to create it- Take your double sided tape and place it on the back of your fabric square, let your child use the fabric crayons or even indicators to beautify the actual label. Following the label is actually embellished, peel off the actual support away of the actual strapping and use to the actual cup or even plastic material container. Coating the actual dried out components of your kid’s preferred dessert formula within of the actual container and placed the cover on. Connect the actual created formula to the very best of the actual container along with bows.
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Follow these tips to make the right selection of get well gifts for boys:

Sporty get well gifts for boys: Boys are sporty and adventurists and that is why gifts for them should be such. While they are ill and in bed, they might be missing their fun days so how about you cheer them up with an NASCAR get well gift basket? Believe it or not, such baskets can really motivate them to take their medicines on time, get well soon and go out to their play mates. Football get well gift baskets and other such sporty gift baskets are good to consider too.
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Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts

by Paris on January 8, 2014

Dad’s Day is actually nearing right here in the united kingdom, and from the gift vacation in the actual year that numerous have trouble with. A possibility the wedding which Mother’s Day is actually, and keep in mind that have exactly the same bodyweight as 1st birthdays or even Christmas, however Dad’s Day continues to be an essential chance to show really like and appreciation that numerous want to make use of.

Fathers can become infamously hard to purchase for. How could it be which they usually appear to possess every thing and would like for absolutely nothing?

This particular impact can become a brick walls for all those attempting to purchase gifts for Dad’s Day, and it really is created even more complicated by the undeniable fact that the actual event is not one to create a actual hassle more than. With regard to younger children a great gift idea will always be to make something by hand to present to their father on the day. This can be arranged far in advance so he will never suspect that their messy art project is for him, and it’ll be a lovely surprise on the day.

For grown-up children, taking the lead and interpreting the handmade gift idea into something new can be a terrific solution to the Father’s Day gift problem. I’m not talking arts and crafts here – if those of you who are not that way inclined are feeling nervous at where this article is going – there are plenty of ways to make a gift that doesn’t involve getting your hands unclean or even possibly awkward your self.
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