Homemade Holiday Gifts The Kids Can Help Make

by Paris on March 2, 2014

The christmas season is actually with us has arrived and whilst most people are occupied planning for vacation meals, events and gift trades, there is certainly nevertheless a lot of time to enjoy your children and consist of all of them in a few of those activities. A good way to the young children in the vacation preparations is to have them make their own holiday crafts to give to family members, friends, teachers and anyone else they can think of. And luckily for you, homemade gifts are often easy, quick, economical, and a great way for you and your child to be creative together.

During the holidays, there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a homemade gift from a preschooler. Along with the fun of creating the project it will also help to teach your child to think of others and do something nice for people for other people. Listed below are two homemade holiday gift ideas that you and your child can easily create together.

Cookie Mix Kit

Items needed- Double sided tape, clear jar with lid to place ingredients in, fine textured fabric squares, scissors, fabric crayons or markers, ribbon, dry ingredients for cookie mix, and recipe

How to create it- Take your double sided tape and place it on the back of your fabric square, let your child use the fabric crayons or even indicators to beautify the actual label. Following the label is actually embellished, peel off the actual support away of the actual strapping and use to the actual cup or even plastic material container. Coating the actual dried out components of your kid’s preferred dessert formula within of the actual container and placed the cover on. Connect the actual created formula to the very best of the actual container along with bows.

Sodium Bread Decorations

Products needed- 4 glasses flour, 1 mug salt, 1 ½ glasses comfortable water, moving pin, dessert blades, toothpicks, parchment papers, dessert pan, bows color, stuff, glitter glue.

How to produce it- Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Mix together the flour, salt and water. Knead the dough by hand and add more flour if needed. Use rolling pin to roll your dough out to about ¼” in thickness. Use cookie cutters to cut out desired shapes and use your toothpick to place a hole in the top of the ornament. Line a cookie pan with parchment paper and place ornaments on top. Bake for 2-3 hours. Allow your ornaments to completely awesome and after that beautify along with color or even stuff and glitter glue. Connect bows with the pit at the very top and location on Christmas woods or just around the house.

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